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This blog is changing, just as our family is changing. It was originally started to keep in touch with family and friends far away, but when you face a life altering disease EVERY aspect of your life is changed and in some way effected by it. Now I need a place to vent, to share, to help people understand the struggles that we face as a family with 2 children that are struggling with the Disease Eosinophilic Esophogitis, and with all of us having multiple food allergies. So this blog is becoming my journal so to say, an outlet for me to express my frustrations, share my joys, and put all information into one place for those that want to know. Why share something so personal, and often too hard to bare? Well...so much of this disease is silent. We work so hard to help our kids lead a normal life and no one sees the struggles faced daily, and I think it is important to let people know and understand.

What is Eosinophilc Esophigitis?

What is Eosinophilic Esophogitis? Also known as EE, or Eos, or EoE.

First let's start off by saying, there is NO CURE! There is NO FDA approved treatment. And often the only form of successful treatment are large doses of steroids and/or elimination of "trigger" foods, which sometimes as in the case of our 2 boys is an elimination of ALL foods. Forcing them to be on an Elemental Formula ONLY diet and water.

Second let's start with the layman's definition as I know how to explain it, and then I will add links with better medically explained and more in depth definitions. Eosinophils are a form of white blood cell, and in persons with this disorder these eosinophils attack food as if they are a parasite, causing damage to nearby tissue in any part of the digestive tract (in our case the Esophogus). This causes reflux that often does not respond well to reflux meds, vomiting, pain, aversions to food, rashes, diahrea, constipation, and many more symptoms like leg and joint pain, headaches. All of which these symptoms lead to more and more problems from which many you will learn about by reading my posts.

One of the bests places for accurate up to date info go to: Apfed, http://apfed.org/drupal/drupal/index.php

And of course this blog reads most current posts first, so I'll do my best to label important posts to help you catch/keep up.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Kids Are Cuter Than Your Kids!

Hee Hee, Kust Kidding, but I thought it was a cute title for this post. Here are a few cute stories of my little devils…oops, I meant Angels. No matter what, I love them! Especially when they ACT cute.

I wish I had said that….

Isabelle was watching T.V. the other day and Uriah and I were up and about getting stuff done. When Isabelle turned off the T.V.. I asked her why she turned it off and she said, “I can’t watch T.V. all day! I have to exercise!” She then started singing and jumping around and asked if different activities were exercising. My first response was: HOW CUTE! I then tried to figure out were she had heard that because sad to say, it wasn’t from me. Now I have said, “We can’t watch T.V. all day,” and, “we need to exercise,” but never in the way she just had. I asked Uriah and her recent babysitter but both admitted it wasn’t them either. So my cute little 3 year old put two and two together all on her own! Aren’t they adorable when they want to be?


This is Isabelle’s Fort! Made all by herself, idea and all. The only thing I helped with was finding things heavy enough to hold up the pillows

My Little Handsome Man

Isabelle attends speech at our local elementary school for 40 minutes twice a week. It was her first day back this last Thursday. Abinadi and I sit in a small storage/parent room while we wait for her. Emphasis on the storage! Needless to say he tried to escape the room the entire time we were there. It doesn’t help that every person we walked past, talked to, or was within hearing/seeing distance had to stop everything and come and look at Abinadi. Everyone loved him, they called him the little Gerber Baby. And let me just tell you that Abinadi was loving every second of it. He started acting shy and adorable by placing his head down on my shoulder whenever anyone talked to him. And then if they talked long enough he would give the biggest grin. Let me just tell you he was working the room for all the attention he could get! What can I say…he is adorable! It is just going to be a long school year with trying to keep him in the tiny room and not be a distraction


The Lee Clan said...

Kids and their sayings are awesome! Do you have to stay in the room while Isabelle is in speech? I would take a walk outside, run an errand or do something other than sit in a storage closet!

Uriah, Kaelynn, Isabelle, and Abinadi said...

I would but it is cold in Alaska and I'm not a true Alaskan yet to take my infant outside all the time.

Uriah, Kaelynn, Isabelle, and Abinadi said...

He's also at that awkward, can't stop moving but isn't walking yet stage where you don't want him to crawl over all the dirty floors. I think when he is walking it will be much better. :)

Elena Harrison said...

I remember that stage like it was just yesterday...oh wait a minute...it was just yesterday! LOL